What Are The Options For Voice Chat?

・Echo cancellation (Acoustic Noise Cancelling, ANC)
This feature prevents echoing effect comming out the speaker due to the microphone picking up the speaker output sound/

・Automatic volume control (Automatic Gain control, AGC)
This feature automatically adjusts the incoming sound's volume by leveling them within the allowed gain/loss.

· Background noise cancellation (Audio Noise Suppression, ANS)
This feature filters out any background noise that might interfere the actual voice.

· Mute jingle (Comfort Noise Generator, CNG)
This feature converts any unpleasant noise to a more comforting white noise in case of mute.

· Speech recognition (Voice Activity Detection, VAD)
This feature detects the incoming microphone input, filter the speech against noise and only transmit the "meaningful" information over the network minimizing the bandwidth.

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