RemoteCall + Mobile: Getting Started Guide

Connecting Wirelessly (device specific compatibility) 
Direct the user to download the RemoteCall app from the Google Play Store 
(User can search by "mobilesupport" and download the app from Google Play) 

Select “Mobile Control”, enter the user's phone # (if available) and click "Start Session" 
Direct the user to launch the RemoteCall app on their Android and tap “Request Remote Control” 
If the device is not a Samsung, it will most likely display “This device is not supported…” Don’t worry, this is normal. That only means that screen-sharing and control is not enabled. But you can still access tons of information on the device, kill tasks, install/uninstall apps, transfer files, even without screen-sharing. As said above, this can be overcome by manually embedding the RemoteCall app on the phone, or by using the USB method simultaneously.

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