RemoteCall 6.0 Getting Started

Downloading and installing Agent

1. Visit Rsupport’s homepage. ( )
2. From the top menu, click on Support > Downloads
3. Select [Download] next to RemoteCall 5.0 Agent installation file and run rcStartSupport.exe to start the installation
(UAC window will pop up for Windows Vista or later).
4. Follow the on screen instruction.
5. RemoteCall icon will be generated in the desktop.
* Enter the proxy information if Proxy Server is used. Contact your network administrator for more information.

Log in to the Agent and standby for customer support

1. Launch the program and enter the user’s ID and password and press [Log in] to log in to the Agent.

Launching the Viewer

1. Click on [Start].
2. Viewer is launched on the representative’s PC.

Customer’s Connection Process

1. Direct the customer to open the URL or Connection Page’s address shown in the Viewer (connection information can be copied to the clipboard or sent by email)
2. After the connection page is displayed, representative can instruct the customer to enter the Connection Code or press the Icon to get connected.
3. Representative can notify the customer of the one-time executable file* download and direct the customer to press [Run] to initiate the connection process.
* One-time executable file : small executable file downloaded on customer’s side to initiate the connection with the representative. This file is deleted after the session is ended.
4. Acknowledge the customer about the support agreement and agree to it.
5. Depending on representative’s setting, customer can connect using ActiveX, Click Once or connection EXE. By using ActiveX or Click Once in IE, customer will not be prompted for reinstall the next connection.
If the Connection Page is not available on customer’s PC, they can use Connection Application to receive support. To download the application, click on “download connection application” link at the bottom of the Connection Page. Then, open the file to install it and proceed with the connection using connection code or icon.
* Connection Application creates an icon on the customer’s desktop to be used for future connections.
6. Depending on the configuration, Application based connection allows the customer to connect using a Windows application. This application is pre-updated so that customer can save time downloading the additional modules.
7. Customer will have the option to record the session on their PC by checking on “Remote Support recording agreement”.

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